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The Death of Salvador Dali Making History On Apple's iTunes Store

Los Angeles, CA (Top40 Charts/ cdbaby.com/cd/felixbrenner) - Apple's iPod and today's cutting edge video technology is bringing major film stars directly to consumers in on-demand short films. You can now quickly download a short film and watch your favorite actors in superb sound and clarity. Shorts International has teamed with Apple and iTunes to bring hand picked short films to the fore of this great platform.

"The Death of Salvador Dali" brings the paranoiac, flamboyant Dali into the office and headspace of an unsuspecting Sigmund Freud. When the artist seeks Freud's assistance to inject madness into his art, tables are turned and student becomes teacher. Through a series of visits by Dali's friends, enemies, and muse, Freud is unwittingly subjected to chaos, deception, and guns.

The wonderfully sexy "Queen of Burlesque" Dita Von Teese plays Dali's whip wielding wife Gala. Husband Marilyn Manson was instrumental in convincing Dita to play the role. In an amazing stroke of luck, the perfectly cast Dali is played by his namesake, Salvador Benavides.

Delaney Bishop masterfully creates a time and place of beauty, art, and humor. He first wrote a feature length Dali script while attending NYU film school. It later turned into a short and won Best Screenplay at Hypefest LA. With a Panavision grant, Bishop converted his home into a studio and shot the film entirely on 35mm. The film has gone on to screen at dozens of international film festivals and has won awards for Best Female Performance at the Beverly Hills film festival and Best Cinematography at the Aarhus film festival in Denmark.

Felix Brenner's original soundtrack beautifully integrates Latin, Classical, and Electronic music to portray the wild and unpredictable Dali. There are romantic motifs with regal melodic passages rendered by piano, guitar, woodwinds and strings. Slightly edgy sections nicely match the films off-the-wall qualities. Brenner's compositions can be both sumptuous and moody, making for a great listening experience. The soundtrack CD features key dialogue excerpts from the film.

"The surprise hit of the Silver Lake film festival" Entertainment Today, April 2007 cover story.
"Simply Dazzling. One of the best shorts I've seen this year, or last for that matter." Cathy Ross, SXSW festival coordinator.

In an interview in the next issue of "Salvador Dali Collectors Quarterly", Bishop reveals the likelihood of a feature length Dali movie by creators of the short.

"The Death of Salvador Dali" appears on iTunes alongside shorts featuring John Cleese, Jon Stewart, Gretchen Mol and the Academy Award nominees of 2005.

"The Death of Salvador Dali" is available for download exclusively on iTunes for $1.99. Also, look for the ShortsTV iTunes video podcast to see interviews with the filmmakers and star, Salvador Benavides.
The Soundtrack is available for download on iTunes or on CD at CDBaby.com.




The best of the group by a thin handlebar moustache has to be Delaney Bishop's "The Death of Salvador Dali," a perfectly executed vision based on an actual meeting between the surrealist painter and world-renowned psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.

- ELI KOORIS, Austin Chronicle


I saw this really pretty wonderful short called The Death of Salvador Dalií. It's unclear what else this guy has done, but it's this perfectly modulated little absurdist piece that concerns Salvador Dalí walking into Sigmund Freud's psychiatric office and driving Sigmund Freud crazy.

-Anita Monga, Shorts Programmer, Mill Valley Film Festival




Salvador Dali has got a problem : he is not as crazy as people think he is and his work is beginning to show it. So how is he gonna get his game back? Madness, thats how. And Dali knows just who to see for some crazy implants. Rolling into Sigmund Freuds office as if it were a Jiffy Lube for the insane, Dali reasons that if Freud were so adept at straightening out crazy people that he should be able to do the reverse. And so begins their session with a bit of reluctance from the good doctor. Soon, we are weaving in and out of dreams and reality as we try and figure out just whose head we are walking around in. Its all. . well. . .its all madness, really. 'The Death of Salvador Dali' is an amazing looking short. Top notch production value and cinematography make this a tasty brain twister. The cast provides plenty to marvel over as well. Robert Cesario brings Sigmund Freud to life while Salvador Benavides steals the show as the over-the-top freak known as Salvador Dali. And then theres Dita Von Teese, always a pleasure to see, and here she plays a mysterious vixen, with a whip no less. Fan or no fan of Dali, if you are a fan of good filmmaking, here you go.

- Eric Campos, Film Threat


Gosh, what can I say about Dali? It's awesome. I saw it Thursday for the first time and the woman next to me began laughing the moment Salvador came on the screen. This is the story of Salvador Dali done in the fashion Dali himself would have done it. Delaney hit all the nuances and highlights of Dali's life in a unique, characature-like fashion. This film has to be seen to be believed. Delaney demonstrates incredible imagination and delightful characterizations. Benavides shares more than the name Salvador with Dali. Benavides IS Dali. "The Death of Salivador Dali" is a must see. Benavides is captivating. Delaney is a director TO BE WATCHED.

by Angela Lee, Film Austin -

The Death Of Salvador Dali - this is another film that makes the $275 plus $14 parking(two days) I paid seem low. this was a spectacular short film. well writen, well acted, and it was one of the best filmed movies I've seen so far. and of course it opens with the song Brazil. the character of Dali is dancing through a garden to the tune of Brazil, and it just got better from there. from the crazy non sequiters to the abrupt entrances by cooky characters. I'm really pissed that this will probably never be on dvd, and if you don't follow the festivals around the country you might never get to see this one. plus the film makers were rerally great guys. they didn't brush me off like they could have.

- www.fleshmuseum.blogspot.com


Basado en un hipotético encuentro entre el genio Dalí y Sigmund Freud. Dalí asiste al consultorio del doctor, pero no busca psicoanálisis, el pintor tiene muy claro lo que desea: encontrar la locura. Dalí está convencido de que si Freud es capaz de curar a los dementes, bien podría invertir el proceso y darle un poco de esa locura que el necesita a fin de no volverse común, a fin de que sus pinturas sigan siendo surrealistas, a fin de no extinguirse en la corriente de lo corriente.Desde luego, esto le parece escandaloso a Freud. ņQué sucederá entonces? Sin duda, el mejor corto de esta selección, yo esperaba que ganara pero no vi la otra compilación de cortos donde se incluía al ganador, así que no puedo sino hablar de lo que vi. Bishop hizo un magnifico trabajo desde la historia hasta la construcción. Las actuaciones están en su lugar, y por supuesto, la aparición de Dita Von Teese como Gala es la gloria. Con participaciones pequeĖas de los otros contemporáneos de Dalí como André Breton, Luis BuĖuel, este "what-if" no deja de ser sorprendente en la ejecución. En un principio pensé que terminaría por odiarlo pero fue imposible. The Death of Salvador Dalí es una de esas joyitas que no quisieras que terminaran tan pronto.


The Death of Salvadore Dali www.dalimovie.com/ One of our favorite shorts from the 2005 SXSW Film Festival. Check out the site, and see the film if you can. Oh and drop a line to these guys to let them know how much you would like to see the movie on The Flux


- http://theflux.tv/resources